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Welcome - come find your analogue audio circuit (DIY or not)
Over the past decade I have been perfecting my amplifier designs. I started out with a basic class A design which taught me a lot about the physical, or mechanical, aspect of amplifiers. I knew where I wanted to go, but I knew the road would be long. I'm not saying I have the perfect design, but I believe my amplifier will rival any of the major brands for home theater.

My philosophy is to keep the amplifier simple. Input / output. The amplifiers have no digital processing as this is left to a proper processor. This philosophy makes building up a system an extremely rewarding experience. I have designed and built many amplifiers, mostly as a hobby, but now I want to share the passion for sound I have with the world. I currently enjoy home theater in a less-than-ideal environment with joyous surround sound, and frequencies reaching to the nether-world, all at pressure levels which I daren't exceed. My entire system has been built on an extremely tight budget, but with much perseverance it rivals systems costing 5 times as much.

With my passion for sound and music, I designed the MAK - a 50 W guitar amplifier built to extremely robust specifications and built to sound awesome. The original MAK uses 22 mm solid wood (Bubinga), and weighs in at 25 kg. This was too much weight, so the MAK version 2 was built as small as possible, with the same robustness, and sounding just as good. The MAK is a transistor amplifier built to last generations, and conforms to the philosophy of remaining simple - it has an input, tone, gain, effects loop and volume. It is the perfect musical instrument for me and complements my heavy metal humbucking guitar as well as my sweet, bluesy stratocaster perfectly.

So why am I here?

Here is where I offer to the public DIY amplifier kits from 1 W to 100 W.

Here is where I offer bespoke amplifiers up to 300 W.

Here is where I offer bespoke subwoofers.

Here is where I offer the MAK.

Here is where I offer bespoke guitar amplifiers up to 30 W.

In addition, I have kits for
I also offer assistance in finding the right gear for music / movies / home theater - I can help you find the best solution for you, and I can help set it all up.

Please have a look around. Contact me for any of the above. I have a number of amplifiers in production being used by very satisfied customers.