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Custom amplifiers, built according to your requirements
My final design, MAK. 350 W into 4 ohms, 180 W into 8. It powers my custom MTM speakers, which are 4 ohms, and give me strong response to 27 Hz.
My old 135 W amplifier for my previous front speakers. It is great quality, but its design has since been improved dramatically. The enclosure construction is Saligna with a clear coat.
The amplifier below is a 4-channel 35 W/channel I used to use to power rear speakers. I originally made it as a bridgeable amplifier to get around 120 W per channel in stereo, but I ended up using it to bi-amplify my front speakers. The front and side panels are Saligna, and the top is plain hard-board, which was easy to use in its place, and the amplifier is inside a TV cabinet, so the top panel wasn't important.
I have built a number of custom amplifiers for many satisfied people. The enclosure can be discussed, the panels can be designed, I can include a sub-woofer output, or an auxiliary output, etc. The amplifier is built to your liking and specifications, and time is taken to ensure you are happy with the end result. I also offer help in setting up, etc.