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The beauty of the audio amplifier
My amplifier design has been perfected for over a decade, building on existing designs and knowledge. I have always had a passion for analogue electronics, specifically audio amplifiers, and this amplifier has met my goals:
1. Powerful and clean
2. Soft and stable turn on and off
3. High fidelity - linear transfer function, wide frequency response, as perfect sound reproduction as possible
4. Stable under all circumstances
5. Robust - no chance of mechanical failure due to over-powered transistors, no chance of overheating, cool transformer and a power supply that does not collapse under any circumstances
6. No detectable hum and no audible noise on the output
Most of these were fairly easy to achieve, but the soft, stable tun on and off has been a challenge for many years. Through experience, I have come to know how to combat hum, and by applying my knowledge and experience, I have managed to reduce hum so that it is undetectable and noise to a level which is inaudible in most speakers. These amplifiers are high-quality, fast, stable, and do not require any relays. They are perfect in my eyes, and will startle you. The amplifier kits have detailed instructions and also have vital information about how to wire the amplifiers. It must also be said that although these are doable by novices, it isn't really recommended - these kits are more for the enthusiasts, or for those with a little knowledge or experience. If you are not confident to build one, I can put the kit together for you at no extra cost.

These amplifier kits have the perfect companions on this site, which you can find under the other electronic kits section. There you will find amplifier control boards, which include a relay to delay your speaker's turn on, and provide a little DC protection for the speakers in the event of an amplifier failure. There are also input selectors and preamplifiers, which make great add-ins for an all-in-one amplifier. Please note that a suitable power supply will be needed for the amplifier kits.
15 W amplifier kit: R500
35 W amplifier kit: R700
55 W amplifier kit: R900
70 W amplifier kit: R1000
100 W amplifier kit: R1400
All amplifier kits include heatsinks and heatsink mounting accessories. The power ratings can be for 4 or 8 ohms; please specify this when making your order. All power ratings are calculated from the RMS of a sine wave output at the point of clipping - commonly (and incorrectly) referred to as the RMS power rating.

Unfortunately no guarantees or warranties can be given since these are DIY kits.