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I have found that it isn't easy to decide what to add onto an amplifier or guitar amplifier - what sort of effects or requirements do people have? What is the source for their music or movies? How many channels need to go through the preamplifier? Do you want volume control? Do you want bass / treble control? Do you want mid-range control? In today's market, the designers of integrated amplifiers simply put everything into an amplifier. Similarly, you can buy guitar amplifiers with a million different effects (but you can generally only use one or two at a time). My approach is to add on what is required. I have no preamplifier on my home system, and I have no effects for my guitar amplifier, besides a bit of reverb. If I want these things, I'll add them in. But I have used these circuits at one time or another (as needed), and they are extremely useful.

Please have a look below at which kits I currently have available. Please note that all products are built on order, so they will take a few days to put together before I can begin to process delivery, etc.
Reverb unit: R350
The reverb unit runs off a 9V DC adapter or a 9V battery. No enclosure is supplied.
Overdrive stomp box: R350 (R600 with metal enclosure)
This kit offers MAK overdrive. It has an LED to indicate power, and an LED to indicate that the overdrive is on. It has gain and volume controls.
Speaker control and DC protection: R350
This module will have a delay turn on for the speakers and will turn off as soon as the amplifier is turned off. It also provides a DC protection circuit to protect your speakers in the event that an amplifier blows.
Preamplifier: R1200
This preamplifier is an all-transistor (discrete) stereo preamplifier. It has bass, treble and volume control, and it has an overall gain of 3 V/V (10 dB). This unit will be very satisfactory, even in high-end setups. It is perfect for that extra volume. The kit includes a power supply.
Audio channel selector: R150
This is the perfect kit to add to your preamplifier where you have multiple sources, such as a blu-ray player, DSTV, bluetooth receiver, etc.
Amplifier power supplies: From R500
These power supplies are perfect for your DIY amplifier power needs. The power supplies are simple, and capable in terms of severely power-hungry amplifiers. The power supplies are based on toroidal transformers, and large capacitor banks, depending on the power requirements. When contacting me for your power supply, let me know what the application is - these power supplies are specifically made for amplifiers, which is important to bear in mind when considering one (they're fairly expensive for small jobs). For amplifiers, I need to know the power rating and number of channels. These power suppliesare ideal for class B and class AB amplifiers. If you need a power supply for a class A amplifier, contact me - I may be able to help you out (at a cost).
Unfortunately no guarantees or warranties can be given since these are DIY kits.