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The MAK and the MAK 2.0
The MAK is a 50 W transistor guitar amplifier built to the most rugged specification, and built to high fidelity standards. It is a musical instrument, not a musical instrument amplifier. What I found is that even the most expensive brands often use the cheapest speakers, and it's not easy to find a decent amplifier with a speaker in that suits your tone. The MAK was built with this in mind, and so the Celestion G12-H75 Creamback was selected as the foundation of the tone of this guitar amplifier. This speaker can handle big power, is a 100 dB speaker, and sounds absolutely fantastic.

Traditionally, solid state guitar amplifiers used the cheaper speakers and cheaper cabinets, while the valve amplifiers were given the better speakers and cabinets. This isn't as much the case as a few years ago - now some of the bigger brands are selling flagship solid state amplifiers. But the association was made, and it takes an open mind to discover how good solid state amplifiers can be. The MAK was designed with transistors, but was designed to keep the overdrive so loved in valve amplifiers. The MAK has many features which set it up as a truly high-end guitar amplifier.
  • The MAK has an overdrive circuit developed and perfected over a number of years. It can be tuned for sweet clears, crispy or crunchy blues, as well as heavy metal.
  • The overdrive circuit is built into the preamplifier, which has many advantages including full gain, late night practicing, customizbility of the speaker's colouration due to slightly different tone at different power levels, shapeable overdrive via the effects loop.
  • The MAK is constructed to the most solid specifications, so it's rugged, and won't rattle to pieces under heavy playing.
  • The MAK is built rugged. The power supply is the equivalent of what one might find in a decent 150 W per channel stereo high fidelity amplifier. The heatsink is over-sized. The transistors are over-sized. The power supply capacitors are high current, high capacity, low impendance capacitors, rather than common general purpose capacitors (they're twice the size of normal capacitors with the same specifications, and bigger is better).
  • Due to the fact that the MAK is built to high fidelity standards, it is silent while on (depending on the gain and guitar input - noise is amplified). The ampifier is therefore great for recording.

The MAK has been working well for me for long now, and I've learned how to use it. It is the perfect guitar amplifier for what I need - it has tone and gain control, which sets up the sound, and then it has an effects loop, which is capable of being used to create amazing sounds when working with the amplifier's tone and gain. I mostly use the effects loop for reverb. Have a look at my kits for the reverb unit.

As far as specifications are concerned, the MAK is a 50 W (clean) guitar amplifier. The amplifier will output 90 W at full overdrive, but this will burn the speaker out. The solid wood MAK weighs 25 kg, while the portable MAK weighs 11 kg. Both MAK and MAK 2.0 sound equally good, and both use the exact same internals. This amplifier needs to be heard to be believed. To sum it up, it is LOUD.

If the MAK is not for you, I also offer bespoke guitar amplifiers, but these are offered up to 30 W.

In the unlikely event of the amplifier going up in flames, I will cover the MAK with a 2 year waranty, depending on reasonable circumstances.

The MAK is built to operate as a unit - the only fuse is on the mains connection. If the amplifier goes, it is likely to go up in flames; there is nothing to protect the speaker or amplifier, they're simply built to take punishment.

Solid 22 mm wood MAK: R12 000

Small, portable MAK: R9 000